21 Green Weeks

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This term we have been doing a “21 Green Weeks” initiative, trying to incorporate some environmentally friendly processes into our business, one for each teaching week in semester 2 this year. As it is a home business, there are already quite a few green things we are doing – for example solar panels, and energy efficient lighting. But I am challenging myself to find one thing a week that I can do for my business that is good for the environment, or better than what we were doing. I have been posting pictures up on our facebook page for each week, but I’ll give you a quick run down of where we are up to:

Week 1: Recycling bin for the school kitchenette.

Week 2: ”No Junk Mail” plaques for our letter boxes.

Week 3: Changing to SAFE brand unbleached and recycled toilet paper.

Week 4: Hedging the front courtyard and putting the clippings in the green bin – a whole bin’s worth!

Week 5: Compost container for school kitchenette – for teabags etc.

Week 6: Change to Reflex 100% recycled paper.

Week 7: We use our leftover Brisbane’s Child papers on our vegetable gardens.

Week 8: Getting a bit stuck! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I was drawn by the hnoetsy of what you write

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